Technical Service

Finding the right machine tool supplier is just as critical to the metal cutting process as securing the right machine. Machine tool suppliers today are more like solutions providers, helping companies engineer solutions that deliver profitable results for their production and applications processes. 

At RK Machinery, we help machine shops and manufacturing facilities improve production processes to be more competitive in an increasingly tough global environment. For the past years, we have built our reputation on unsurpassed applications engineering support, after-sale service and training, and invaluable preventive-maintenance programs and services.

01/ Solutions & Sample Processing

EDM discharge technology is a unique and special technology, which is used in metal machining and cutting, to realize high precision or special shape material machining. RK Machinery provides this application technology to customers so as to meet the important requirements for their work piece.

We strive to provide the final solution for clients with the advantage of our extensive experiences on design, machining application and full technical support service. We RK Machinery and global agents wholeheartedly welcome our customers' inquiries on technical application support.

Sample Processing Application Form
Country Client's name
Other contact information WeChat
Contact person
Processing equipment model
Expected delivery date of sample
Date of Application
Sample material
Dimensions (length, width, height)
Material source We provide

Customer provided
Specific processing requirements:
Processing report Need
Not needed
Do processing samples need to be mailed:
The recipient's name:
Mailing detailed address:
Our requirements:
1. Please provide drawings in DXF or DWG format, and the processing parts must be marked with precision and finish requirements;
2. We only provide samples of 30mm or 40mmCr12 material (10*10 square, 20mm square);
3. If we need to provide other materials, the customer needs to pay the actual cost of the materials; 4. If it needs to be mailed, it will be calculated according to the actual freight cost;

02/ After-sales service

We guarantee to provide satisfying services for all clients after sales. If you have any questions/problems about the following components of the machines purchased from us, please contact us at any time, we will provide 24/7 services.

Long-term maintenance service contract and service scope within warranty period

Troubleshooting and replacement parts

Preventive maintenance service

Diagnosis and calibration service

Service for the application of electric discharge technology

System update and function upgrade

Mechanical repositioning and installation

After- Sales Service Application Form
Country                  Company Name              Company Address
Contact person Phone number Other contact information
WeChat or WhatsApp
Machine model Machine number email address
Fault description:
Note: 1. Describe the machine fault in detail as much as possible, such as: under what circumstances, what function was operated before the fault, etc.;
2. It is best to provide video information for the fault phenomenon, if video information cannot be provided, provide fault photos;